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Shoreline’s Top Twelve Stories for 2015

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Shoreline Sailboats Top Twelve Stories for 2015
Everybody does a top ten list. This list goes to twelve!


Hanging our shingle

12. Shoreline moves in

A new place! After operating in less than ideal conditions we knew we needed to find a larger location to store and sell our boats. That’s when we found our current location at 243 East Main Street in Avon, NY. We now operate out of two bays of a long defunct Chrysler car dealership without a lot of the amenities that one might desire, but we are easy to find and easy to get to. You can even grab a slice of pizza from Salvatore’s when you pick up your new boat!

2 new Sunfish for Lourdes

2 new Sunfish for Lourdes

11. Shoreline goes camping

During 2015 Shoreline had the opportunity to deliver and pick-up boats at three summer camps – Lourdes Camp on Skaneatles, Camp Seneca Lake on Seneca, and Camp Rotary in Boxford, MA. We love working with summer camps. We like to imagine the adventure and fun each new boat we deliver will provide to countless campers. The supervisors and staff have been great to work with. It’s obvious that they love their jobs and are good at what they do.


Matt Harrington

10. Selling boats in the snow

We were encouraged when our first customer of early 2015, Matt Harrington, bought a Catalina 22 from us when there was a couple feet of snow on ground. He came back this December to buy a CL 14 and a Hobie 14. He now has plenty of fun projects. We enjoy reading Matt’s sailing blog. Check it out here: Come About Sailing

9. Shoreline brokered boats


2004 Precision 15

2015 marked the first year of our brokerage service. When you think of boat brokers you typically think big boats. Far less common is small boat brokerage. As a matter of fact, does anybody else do it?! We were happy to help out our brokerage customers in 2015, one of which brought his boat all the way from Philadelphia for us to broker. We hustled and got word about the boats we had, and we sold them quickly. We took the hassle of selling a boat out of the hands of the customer. Between the scope of our web presence and the thousands of cars that travel past our location daily we have tremendous reach. Contact us in 2016 to help get your boat sold quick!

Dad Darren Kyle Sailing

Kyle and Darren

8. Kyle and Darren went sailing

The brothers went sailing – a little. Kyle continued to refine his Evelyn 25, “Skylark”. The boat’s performance at Oak Orchard was outstanding. He won the organizations’s prestigious Henri Race for the second consecutive year. Darren sailed his boat, “Spider”, at Genesee Yacht Club at Rochester Harbor. The boat and crew sailed at LYRA and Rochester Hospice winning at each.

7. Selling O’pen Bics


O’pen Bic

In 2015 Shoreline became Bic dealers. The O’pen Bic is both the present and the future of youth sailing. With it’s wide open cockpit and slippery hull shape it is a blast for kids to sail. This is a boat that will keep kids in the sport of sailing and we are glad to sell them. See our post about the boat here: O’pen Bic Delivers Fun

6. Sunfish SUP

Late in 2015 Laser Performance told us that


Sunfish SUP

they would be manufacturers of stand up paddle boards. We love SUP’s because they offer yet another way to get people out and active on the water. Laser Performance is a little late to the SUP dance, but we know that the Sunfish name in combination to Laser Performance’s attention to quality will make them among the most sought after boards in the market. See our post about the boards here: Sunfish SUP

5. A sailboat under the Christmas tree

A sailboat is a pretty awesome Christmas gift. We were thrilled to help a local family fulfill a Christmas wish of their young sailor. We can only imagine what Christmas morning was like. Pure joy!

4. They sail in Lincoln, Nebraska?


Sailing in Nebraska

They sure do! We know because we sold a boat to Rob Schmidt of Lincoln, NE. It wasn’t easy, but we quickly figured out the logistics of shipping a boat over 1,000 miles. The boat (and trailer) arrived with no issues and was enjoyed at Holmes Lake Sailing Club all summer and fall. Our first foray into long range shipping gave us the background knowledge to get a load Sunfish parts to Oklahoma, and to prepare to ship a Laser Pico to Englewood Florida in January. If you live outside Western New York and do not have a local dealer selling what we do, contact us and we can get you a shipping quote with no strings attached.

James Taylor and Henry 's Bug Sail

James Taylor and son

3. Kyle meets a music icon

Along the way in 2015 Kyle got to meet our new customer, James Taylor. Yes, that James Taylor. He had the opportunity to meet the legend himself, as he dropped off a brand new North Bug race sail and top mast section at his house. What an experience! See our post here: Bug Sailboat Rig for James Taylor

2. Shoreline helps Robert Suhay break a world record!


Rob Suhay

Rob Suhay is the man! Shoreline Sailboats was thrilled to help Rob break his own Guinness record for the longest distance sailed solo unassisted in a dinghy. The 2015 Laser XD we provided proved extremely reliable and super fast.  His 346.1 nm sail was an epic tale! Relive his adventure here: Our Page, Robert Suhay

1. An announcement that has yet to happen.

Here at Shoreline Sailboats we are always looking for ways to improve our product line. When we first saw the boat (we are soon to announce as a part of our offerings) we were intrigued. The more we thought about it, the more we realized that this was a boat that we had to sell. We are very excited about our upcoming announcement. Become an email subscriber (on our home page) if you want to be among the first to find out what we will be selling in 2016!



2015 was a great year for Shoreline Sailboats!

2016 promises to be even better and full of exciting new stories. If you would like to contact us about any of our happenings in 2015, or would like information about any of the products we offer, please contact us using the contact form below: