Bug Race


Bug Race – Production now starting at Ocean Play – Available Spring of 2023

Bug, Race – Price TBD

The Bug Race provides a higher level of performance to a boat that is already recognized as a confidence inspiring junior training boat. Renowned for its outstanding upwind performance and superior downwind control, the Bug Race combines a high level of performance while maintaining an incredibly stable platform.

The Bug Race features:
·Durable triple-layer polyethylene stackable hull
·Aluminum mast
·Mylar mainsail
·Aluminum foils
·Line kit
·Secure storage port
·Integrated water bottle holder

Upgrades for easier boat park maneuverability are available:
·Extendable aluminum carry handles from transom drain ports
·Integrated wheel

2019/2020 – Bug “Power Curve” Mast Section and Sail – Phase Out

The power curve sail and power curve upper mast section are slowing being phased out in favor of a battened “fat-head” sail that can work with the existing upper mast section.

New Sailplan Looks Like This:

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