Topaz Uno

The TOPAZ Sailing System can be set up to satisfy the requirements of the sailor or sailors on any given day. The Uno offers a variety of sailing options, ranging from a simple yet thoroughbred single hander to a performance asymmetrical spinnaker racing sailboat.

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The Topaz Uno… Four boats in one!  Probably the most versatile small sailboat ever, with a choice of rigging options.

Topaz Uno+, Uno Race+, Uno Race X, and Tres X – From beginner to club racer it’s a great boat for everyone to learn on and enjoy!

The TOPAZ SAILING SYSTEM comes with a choice of rig options so the boat can be set up to suit you. The TOPAZ UNO HULL comfortably holds two people of any size so can be sailed single handed or as a two person dinghy.


  • Ideal for young solo beginners to gain confidence and progress
  • Versatile choice of rig options.
  • Once mastered can be a club racer.
  • Space for two crew.
  • Can be set up with main sail or a main and jib.
  • Choice of Dacron or Mylar sail.
  • Exceptionally stable & easy to handle.
  • Independent lifting rudder system
  • Very easy to launch and recover
  • Unbeatable versatility – 3 rig modes
  • Lightweight high buoyancy hull suitable for single hander up to Adult and child
  • Tried and tested topper components
  • Very robust, maintenance free TRILAM construction
  • WORLD SAILING (ISAF) Learn To Sail Class.
  • Internationally Award Winning design. BEST Dinghy SAIL Magazine.


  • Topaz Uno Plus – $5,950.00
  • Topaz Race X – $6,995.00
  • Topaz Tres – $8,990.00


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