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The Sunfish is a sailing icon. One of sailing’s best-known brands, it is unmatched in simplicity and performance making it popular for all ages and abilities

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The Sunfish is a sailing icon. One of sailing’s best-known brands, it is unmatched in simplicity and performance making it popular for all ages and abilities. Designed as the ultimate beach craft, this maintenance free boat holds its resale value thanks to its robust construction, highlighted by hard chines and a flat underbody. The Sunfish can be stored almost anywhere and is a snap to car-top, making it a popular international class and easy to transport to your favorite beach for family fun.

The Sunfish features:
·Fiberglass hull
·Fiberglass foils
·Aluminum spars
·Line kit – just two lines to pull – a halyard and a sheet!
·Class legal sail  – lightweight hull
·Kick-up rudder system
·Self-bailing cockpit
·Storage compartment in the cockpit

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I come and see a new Sunfish boats at Shoreline Sailboats? 
A: Almost always yes, we get boats in stock in the early spring and have them at our Avon, NY location.

Q: Do you charge for delivery?
A: Delivery is free to some areas of Conesus Lake. For other delivery areas there is a fee assessed.

Q: Can I mix sail colors with any hull trim color?
A: Yes, but please check with us about availability of the sail color you want.

Q: Are the hull and standing rig of the Sunfish all identical?
A: Short answer, absolutely. We have been asked this question regarding trade-ins for new Sunfish. Once the Sunfish is delivered to the new owners’ house they are beautiful. True, the new hulls do look quite a bit different from the earlier aluminum trimmed boats. So beautiful and new looking that we have witnessed a new owner take out a measuring tape to be sure he is getting the same boat to replace his faded and well-used Sunfish. Never worry, Laser Performance quality assures perfect, class legal hulls and rigs with every Sunfish produced. A 1981 Sunfish has the same hull shape as a 2023.

Hull colors available for 2023: Contact Shoreline Sailboats for up-to-date information on sail and hull colors.


LaserPerformance is the only builder of the original Sunfish
We have always liked the new Sunfish for its versatility as a kid-friendly family boat, and an all out racing machine. With a newer designed rolled deck edge introduced in the late 1980s the boat avoids the water intrusion problems inherent in the older boats. We recognize the Sunfish as an amazing boat because it has such a long and rich heritage. Sunfish sailors are an incredibly diverse group who share a passion for one of the most popular boats ever conceived.

The Sunfish is the most popular recreational sailboat in history.
Its classic design, unmatched stability and sailing ease sunfish_5_400are enjoyed by all ages. Owners appreciate the lightweight hull, which easily travels on the top of a car. The ultra-durable construction ensures years of maintenance-free enjoyment. Sailing trips are a breeze, just load the Sunfish on your car and go!

This is the classic boat you grew up with.
The Sunfish has two easy to rig lines and easy-snap sail rings. World class racers such as Dennis Conner, of America’s Cup fame, and Gary Hoyt, who developed the Freedom class and won the first Sunfish worlds in 1972, learned to sail at the slim wooden tiller of the Sunfish.

From Will White’s  “The Sunfish Book”
“The Sunfish is pure sailing—the sail in the wind, the board in the water, and you in the hull in between—one hand on the tiller, the other on the sheet and the wind in your hair. Pure sailboat racing, too. For the racing sailor, it is the essence of yacht racing. It was the first truly one-design boat, rigidly controlled by the manufacturer, with even the sails limited to one loft (for measured sails) and very little that could be done in the way of adding expensive go-fasts. No need for a new set of sails every year. No need to keep buying or changing expensive hardware to keep up with the latest sailing theory.”

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