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Sail, row, or motor; the Bahia has it all. The Bahia’s versatile design provides a great platform for leisure or racing for the whole family. Slow to invert, and easy to right and re-board the Bahia makes safety one of its strongest features. Ideal for weekend adventures, the Bahia is comfortably beached, rowed or motored without compromising performance. And with a simple addition of a trapeze kit and a hoist of the gennaker, you’re off to the races!

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Row, sail, or motor. The Laser Bahia was designed with stability, safety and performance in mind. It was created for leisure and ease of use, but not at the expense of performance. Stability and sturdy hull design make it easy to motor or row. The Laser Bahia comes with a single line reefable mainsail for added sailing comfort in a breeze.


  • Safety: With a stable and spacious cockpit, the Laser Bahia features clutter-free space for up to five adults. Inboard seats and controllable power allow the sailor to feel safe and secure throughout the ride. Should you capsize, the Laser Bahia is slow to invert, easy to right and re-board. When you add the mast head flotation, the boat sits smartly on top of the water so even a small person can right it with ease.
  • Simplicity: Jo Richards has designed another boat that follows the well-balanced and hugely successful Laser Vago and Pico. Jo has taken that success to design the ideal family boat. The extra high boom and gnav system leave the cockpit simple and efficient for new sailors. The furling jib and single line reefing system also makes it easy to reduce sail area if the breeze picks up.
  • Performance: The light hull and large gennaker allow the Laser Bahia to fly across the water. Add the trapeze option and you take the boat to the next level.
  • More than just a sailboat: The multifunctional Laser Bahia can be sailed, rowed or motored. The stability and sturdy design of the hull make it a breeze to motor or row if the wind lays low. Also, you can add the stern storage box to store the engine or take goodies for a day trip.
  • Single line reefable main for added sailing comfort when the breeze picks up
  • Rotomolded 3-layer superior linear polyethylene hull
  • Custom galvanized hand trolley included!
  • Lower Starting Price Removal of asymmetrical spinnaker and gear as standard gear in 2014 reduced the Bahia’s price to $8,749. This is an exceptional value for a high quality rotomolded 15 footer.


The Laser Bahia has a white hull and deck, gray mainsail, and white jib. The optional asymmetric spinnaker is red.



The ultimate versatile daysailer for leisure or race.

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