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Shoreline Sailboats offers the NEW Sunfish SUP:
Laser Performance Quality – Stand up paddle boards

The eponymous SUP collection…
Sunfish is a name synonymous with fun. So, it is no wonder that LaserPerformance decided to add the moniker to their new line of stand up paddle boards – the Sunfish SUP!

I can only imagine the conversations surrounding the use of Sunfish as a name for the new production paddle board. Could it have been the marketing experts hired to create a buzz around the new SUPs? Or, was it one of the insiders who came up with the idea? I don’t know, but at Shoreline Sailboats we love the idea.

Shoreline Sailboats offers 3 Sunfish SUPs for 2016:

Sunfish SUP lineup

The Sunfish SUP – SPORT: (Link to our product page coming Jan. 2016)


The Sunfish Sport is the perfect board for the cottage or beach house. Whether you have family coming over for the day on the water or you’re an experienced paddle boarder – the Sport will provide a progression-friendly platform to share or enjoy all on your own.

Check out these board features:

  • Stable hull form
  • Extra volume
  • Stable platform
  • Epoxy construction
  • Bamboo deck
  • Built in GoPro camera mount
  • Bungee system
  • Ankle leash

Available in 11′ or 12′ to support riders up to 300 lbs.

Sunfish_SUP_TOUR_948x853_2__58227.1445537975.1280.1280The Sunfish SUP – TOUR: (Link to our product page coming Jan. 2016)

With the Sunfish Tour you can paddle the distance. The board offers a safe, stable, and comfortable platform for day-long excursions, recreational racing, fitness, or just a sunset paddle.

It id designed to be the ultimate cruiser with an epoxy and closed cell foam construction that provides the stiffness needed to fly over flat water. The displacement hull will effortlessly pierce choppy waters. The dual bungee systems will provide room for plenty of gear.

Board features

  • Stable, wave piercing hull
  • Extra volume
  • Pronounced nose
  • Epoxy construction
  • Dual bungee system
  • Bamboo deck
  • Built in GoPro mount
  • Ankle leash

Available in 11.5′ or 12.5′ to support riders up to 285 lbs.

Sunfish_SUP_AIR_948x853__75940.1445548478.1280.1280The Sunfish SUP – AIR: (Link to our product page coming Jan. 2016)

The Sunfish Air is truly made for nonstop explorers – compact for road trips, city navigating, and biking to the beach. It is the go-anywhere inflatable board that is ready for an adventure at any moment. The Air is portable, durable, and made for performance. With its integrated baffles and superior stiffness and rigidity, the Air provides an ultra-stable platform that is safe for any level rider to make serious moves. Includes Sunfish backpack, pump and repair kit.

Board Features

  • Extra stiff design
  • Removable center fin
  • Tri fins
  • Flexible carry handle
  • Bungee system
  • Ankle leash

Available in 10.5′ to support riders up to 250 lbs.


Want to be the first on your body of water to have the cool new Sunfish SUP? Contact us using the form below to get pricing and ordering information:

Sunfish Air in pack