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Bug Sailboat Sail for James Taylor

James Taylor and Henry 's Bug Sail

James Taylor and son, Henry become our newest customers

I didn’t know that because of the Bug I would get to meet, beloved artist, James Taylor. But I did. It seems that James’ son Henry had outgrown the original Bug rig that caries 40.9 sq.ft. of sail. He got his dad to buy the Bug Race rig that increases the sail area by 7 sq.ft. to 57.5 sq.ft. total. That’s a sizable sail for an 8 1/2 ft. long dinghy.

Why is the Bug so awesome?

Okay, meeting them was serendipitous for me. But the Bug sells itself because it is a boat for all kids that will improve their skills and eventually require more sail area. Henry Taylor needed more sail.
Sailing World’s Tony Bessinger wrote in an article titled LaserPerformance Bug: Best Dinghy,

Bug Race Shoreline sailboats

“The Bug starts as a boat for beginners with a short rig, and allows those beginners to climb the performance ladder with a larger performance rig. The Bug is ideal for sailing clubs, as it gives beginners or more advanced sailors an enjoyable ride. There really isn’t any other dinghy designed to do all that.”

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So, if you want to upgrade to the same sail as Henry Taylor…

Henry has discerning taste. He picked the “Lotus”Bug Race sail because he liked the red and also because it has a bit more clear mylar area to view through when sailing.

Lotus print

Lotus print

Blaze print

Blaze print


Below is a video of rigging and sailing the Bug Race:

And if you want to hear the No. 1 album from a guy who bought his son a Laser Performance Bug sailboat?

Check out’s James Taylor “Before This World”

James Taylor Before this World



And if you ever get a chance to sell a sail to James Taylor

Ask him to autograph your guitar…

James Taylor with a very happy Kyle Leonard

James Taylor with a very happy Kyle Leonard