Shoreline Teams with Suhay for 346 nm Record


Started:   Tuesday, June 30
6 a.m. Sail Carteret Club, Morehead City, N.C.
Finished: Saturday, July 4th
12:08 a.m. Severn Sailing, Annapolis, Md.
The existing record, set by Robert last year (which made him “Officially Amazing” in the Guinness Book of World Records) stood at 283.5 nautical miles sailed unassisted.
His total distance travelled stands at 346.1 nautical miles

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Title: Robert Suhay's Laser Track Live

Robert and Kyle

Let’s Set a New Record in June 2015

laser record holder, Robert Suhay at, contacted us to see if we had a nice-new Laser to go for a non-stop 340 nautical sail.
Yes! We can do that.

Delivering the Suhay Laser

I drove the Laser to Mechanicsville, PA and met Robert, wife Lisa, and son Zoltan. It was a beautiful day to hand over the Laser.

Hey Beaufort, North Carolina!

Thats Bow-Fort not Be-you-Fort in South Carolina. Don’t get them confused. We are going to be watching forSuhay Map the Beaufort, North Carolina launch at the end of this month. Check out Robert’s site at for map of the trip.

Why the second run?

From Robert’s blog:
“Back in June and July of 2014, I set a world record for nonstop distance sailing in a dinghy, traveling 283.5 nautical miles (325.6 statute miles or 534 kilometers) up and down Chesapeake Bay over 86 hours. This, despite the intervention of Hurricane Arthur, as it bore down on Hampton Roads on July 2, forcing me to turn aside well short of my intended goal of over 300 nautical miles. When I hit the shore in Calvert, Maryland just before dusk, I knew I had a lot more to give.”

More to give…

Robert is going to try for 340 nautical miles beating his old record by 56 nautical miles. That’s about like sailing an additional trip from Rochester to Youngstown, NY.

Follow the run on Yellow Brick

Robert’s location will be pinged every 15 minutes by Yellow Brick tracking at

Yellow brick

Listen to Robert’s story on iTunes:

Robert’s story and interview on iTunes

Robert and son Quin after arriving back in Norfolk, VA with new Laser from Shoreline.

Robert Suhay and son Quin