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The Laser… Classic Boat – New Low Price!

The Laser – Now at the unheard of price of $4,995!

The Laser Race

The Laser is the world’s most popular adult racing class boat. True to one-design standards, each Laser in the world is identical ensuring the best sailor on the water wins the race, not the boat. The Laser is a challenging boat that rewards athleticism, subtle steering and trimming techniques, as well as the tactical excellence of the sailor. The Laser is raced by young and old alike from the Club level all the way to the Olympics. The Laser comes standard as a race version.

The Laser Race features:
·Ice Blue Fiberglass hull with The Laser Class Plaque
·Aluminum spars
·Fiberglass foils
·Harken Race upgrade Cunningham/Outhaul kit
·Harken Race upgrade Boom Vang / Kicker
·Gorilla tiller and extension
·The Laser Class legal Mark II sail
·60mm Harken ratchet block
·Padded toe strap
·Line kit

The Laser Class

The Laser Class (TLC) – All LaserPerformance Lasers have TLC plaques in their cockpit wells. These plaques signify that the boat is class legal within TLC. Link to The Laser Class

The Time to Buy is Now!

Each boat is the Laser that you grew up with and loved. Identical in construction and carefully crafted, the LaserPerformance Laser will provide the owner years of fun sailing

The Laser that you love at an all-time low price – $4,995! For casual club racers and daysailing enthusiasts there has never been a better time to buy a boat

Shoreline – Lasers in stock!

Shoreline Sailboats will have a limited stock of Lasers in June. First come, first serve! Contact us to find out more: