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Laser Mark II Sail Now Class-Legal


This is the sail every Laser sailor has been waiting for…

 LaserPerformance is pleased to announce that the new Standard Mark II Sail has recently been signed off by the Laser class and ISAF for most competition. The sail will immediately be legal for all events except ISAF World Cup competitions and the 2016 Olympics. Following the Olympic Games in Rio, the sail will be class legal for all competition. This new class approved sail is more durable due to its bi-radial construction, it is manufactured out of longer lasting 4.5 ounce Dacron cloth with optimized sail patches, tapered battens with Velcro batten pocket closures, and the new luff tube design is easier on the upper spars.

Official launch of the class approved Mark II sail built by North Sails is set for November 1st, 2015, and Shoreline Sailboats is accepting pre-orders at present.

BI-RADIAL CONSTRUCTION– The radial panel structure of the Mark II sail attempts to best match the load paths expected while sailing. The intent was to make a sail that has the shape intended while offering improved durability.

LARGER WINDOW – A larger window increases safety by allowing sailors to visualize the race and see other boats better.

TAPERED BATTENS – A sail shape is not an even curve. To better match the designed sail shape, the Mark II sail uses tapered battens of varying stiffness so they will best match the sail shape where they are installed.

LUFF TUBE MAST JOINT PATCH – A long standing gripe of Laser sailors is the crease that develops from the mast joint to the clew. The patch on the Mark II is designed to greatly reduce this crease by accommodating the factors that create the crease.

4.5 OZ. DACRON SAILCLOTH – The 4.5 oz cloth is chosen for the Mark II sails because its engineering supports radially designed sails best and has a cloth weight that offers improved durability while not being too heavy for light air conditions.

OPTIMIZED PATCHING – It is widely understood that the greatest loads on a sail are found at the corners. Without proper patching, large creases emanate from the corners. The best types of patches attempt to match the load path expected and with sufficient layers and size to best distribute the loads into the sail body. The Mark II patches are optimized into a radial design to match the load paths. Also notable is the tack patch that has components in the sleeve. This is designed to help the sail last longer under the stresses of high downhaul loads.



The price for the Mark II sail is $530.00. Shoreline Sailboats is currently taking orders for sails. Email us using the contact form below:

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