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2017 Raider 16 Turbo – SOLD!

2017 Raider Turbo 16 – SOLD! TOO LATE!
Excellent Condition – Like New!

– Mylar Main,  Mylar Furling Jib, Furling Asymmetrical Spinnaker on retractable centerline bowsprit. All in Excellent condition!
– Continental Galvanized Road Trailer (we/ transferable NYS registration) – Excellent condition
– Dynamic Dollies – hand dolly with large beach tires.- Excellent condition
– Full mast-up deck cover – Excellent condition
– Blade bag – Excellent condition
– Ready to sail with all top end Harken hardware and best quality lines

About the Raider:

OVERVIEW The Raider 16 Turbo is a one-design, mono-hull, recreational and racing dinghy, created and engineered to offer best-in-class stability and maximum speed in minimal wind.

CHARACTERISTICS With a narrow waterline beam, a very fine entry and a high aspect daggerboard, the Raider’s upwind performance is excellent. The striking 16 footer has a waterline length of 15’11” and the 7’4” beam gives the Raider excellent stability. The unique hull design allow planing speeds in excess of 13 knots in even moderate winds.

COCKPIT The cockpit of the Raider has been designed for comfortable day sailing, having eliminated all “hard spots” and corners. The model features lightweight, high-performance control lines that all lead to the cockpit for easy sail control.

HULL The hull features Harken and other fine quality hardware, and with a total hull weight of just 200 pounds, the Raider can easily and quickly be ramp- or beach-launched.

CONFIGURATION Raider Turbo configuration offers the Mylar mainsail and jib, plus an asymmetrical spinnaker or screecher. The Turbo can be single-handed by experienced sailors.

What the experts say:

Review of the Raider Turbo by Sailing Magazine

Raider II Turbo
Overall Length 16′ 2″
Length at Waterline 15′ 11″
Beam 7′ 4″
Draft Board Up 6.5″
Draft Board Down 37″
Displacement – Hull Only 200 lbs.
Capacity 2 Adults or 400 lbs.
Spar Aluminum
Sail Area: Main 120 sq. ft.
Sail Area:  Jib    41 sq. ft.
Sail Area: Screecher   85 sq. ft.
Sail Area: Asymetrical Spinnaker  125 sq. ft.
Sails: Main and Jib Mylar Laminate
“P” 19′ 10″
“E” 9′
“I” 14′ 2″
“J” 5′
Vang 6:1 Port & Starboard
Outhaul 3:1 Port & Starboard
Cunningham 3:1 Port & Starboard
Mainsheet Mid boom 3:1 with traveler
Hiking Straps standard
Tiller Extension 42″ standard
Kick Up Rudder standard

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