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2018 O’pen Bic Regatta Boats

Specially Priced O’pen Bic North American Regatta Boats – Available August 2018

Limited quantity of specially priced new O’pen Bics available in mid-August. These charter boats will be used for three days (August 9 – 11) at the O’pen Bic North American Championship Regatta at Buffalo Canoe Club.

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2017 Open Bic final from Dasher on Vimeo.

Key Features: The O’pen BIC has blown a big breath of fresh air through our sailing world! The new-generation skiff concept is very fasO'Pen Bic transomt and very simple with a 100% open, self-bailing cockpit along with an up-to-date versatile rig that provides the rapid responsiveness expected in a modern design.

O’pen BIC gives kids a machine that delivers maximum fun while helping them learn the skills and reflexes to enjoy racing on current, high-performance equipment. Hundreds of sailing clubs around the world have opted for the O’pen BIC, for a new, fun way of teaching sailing to appeal to youngsters attracted to new sail sports.

The O’pen BIC has also ruffled the feathers of the traditional race scene, with race formats and simplified rules that focus more on fun and improvement than just race results. Innovative courses and rules, on-water refereeing, and even freestyle encourage participation and a variety of sailing skills.
At international level, the class is more action-packed than ever, with an ever-increasing calendar of international regattas and events.

Very popular in the USA, the O’pen BIC was present at the recent America’s Cup contest in Bermuda, where 32 youngsters from all over the world were invited to come and race in front of the big, knowledgeable crowd gathered for the prestigious main event.