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Melges Sailing: Rabbit Ears Logo History

The distinctive Melges 14 logo…Logo of Melges 14 sailboat

Since the introduction of the Melges 14, the boat has attracted the praise of sailors because it is an awesome ride. Along with that awesome ride is the awesome logo. Some logos are okay, some are a bit sad, but the M-14 logo has nailed it. Inside this bold are the companies hallmark “rabbit ears”; an homage to the original 1965 back-to-back jib logo.

Melges Rabbit Ears History

We received the Inside Melges Newsletter on February 16, 2017 that  shared this story of the inception of the Rabbit Ears.


The story begins in 1965 with Charles B. “Cuppy” Goes, the head of Goes Lithography and Commodore of Lake Geneva Yacht Club from 1964-1965.
Never heard of Goes Lithography? Well, if you’ve ever received a printed award certificate, bought a stock certificate, or been given a store gift certificate, you’ve probably seen the work of Chicago’s Goes Lithographing Company.  They have been in business since 1879. Certificate designs are centered around a pretty strict rule of symmetry, so it is no wonder that Cuppy Goes would stick with a balanced design.

Goes Lithography letterhead

Old Melges sail with original rabbit ear logo

This version is from Inside Melges Newsletter and shortened from the original, handwritten story by Buddy Melges.

Cuppy used two jib shapes back to back to create what would evolve into the Melges Sails emblem, identifying all Melges Sails. The two jibs were mirrored — One was blue, and one was red. The cursive “Melges Sails, Zenda, Wis” drew the reader’s eyes.
In 1996, Melges Sails, Inc. joined forces with North Sails, the number one international sailmaker, to establish North Sails Zenda. The business, the sails, and the boats have continually evolved since the days of the original rabbit ears. In 2005, Melges Boat Works officially rebranded to MelgesPerformance Sailboats. Today, the rabbit ears signify Performance. Family. Leadership. Speed. Unparalleled Customer Service. Innovation. History. Community.
And the Ultimate One-Design Sailing.

There you have it. . .