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Get a Free Melges 14 sailing sticker for your bumper, back window, cabin window, transom, or wherever you want!

Yeah, we figure you’re familiar with the new Melges 14 from Melges Performance Sailboats in Zenda, Wisconsin. We’ve sailed them and know how awesome they are. We’ve got a bunch of M14 stickers to share with anyone enthusiastic about the new design. 

Send us your mailing address from anywhere in the continental U.S., Canada, or Mexico, and we’ll send you a free five-inch diameter Melges 14 sticker in red or yellow — no strings attached!


The only thing we ask in return: Help us spread the word about the M14. Its speed, quality, durability, comfort, and fun are all wrapped in one dynamic and modern 14-foot sailing package. And it’s made right in U.S.A. What’s not to love?

Of course, if you’d like to purchase a real Melges 14 to go with that sticker, we have those in stock, too.

Use the form below to send us your mailing address. We’ll send a confirmation email. (And we promise you won’t receive any unsolicited emails from Shoreline Sailboats.) Enjoy your free sticker.

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The Melges 14 in Action