Dynamic Dollies Preventative Maintenance Tips

1267487_161663747372152_976820055_oWe recently got an email from our friends at Dynamic Dollies and Racks. They offered great advice that we thought we would pass along:
Maintenance Tips
The transition to fall means that we are entering the off season for many sailors and boating enthusiasts. Dinghies are being stored for the winter and a lucky few will be heading to warmer climates soon.
Please keep in mind a few basic preventative maintenance steps you should consider for your Dynamic products:
  • Wash your products with warm water and a mild detergent. Scrub off any salt. Stainless steel and aluminum are dissimilar metals – corrosion can be hastened by salt residue where these two metals come in contact.
  • Thoroughly check your dolly or rack for cracks in plastic fittings or bent aluminum extrusions. Change as necessary.
  • Safety on the road is our number one priority! We’d like to remind you that our manufacturer’s warranty is limited to one year. If you own a trailer rack used for road transport, we highly recommend that you change your fittings routinely or at the first sign of stress. Racks are often subjected to wild temperature variations – 100+ degrees to well below freezing in some locations. Continuous exposure to UV radiations may weaken plastic joints over time.
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