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Sunfish Colors

Sunfish colors for 2018 will be posted soon. Contact us to get the choice to you.

Sunfish Color Options for 2016:

LaserPerformance has announced the available color combinations for the Sunfish for 2016.

Sail Colors
Two fantastic new sails now are added to the line of Sunfish colors. Sunfish buyers now have six great recreational sails to choose from in addition to the all-white racing sail.

Hull Colors
Sunfish colors for your hull now total two options. Sunfish buyers can choose from a red stripe or blue stripe boat. The red and blue stripe boats were by far the biggest sellers for us. Gone, but not forgotten, are the less popular yellow and green stripe boats.

Sunfish hulls 2016

Contact us with questions
While certain sails go better with certain boats, buyers are free to match any sail with either boat. Any questions? Contact us using the contact form below for Sunfish colors and availability or any other questions.

Take a look:

Colada sunfish sail


Sea Breeze sunfish sail

Sea Breeze

Mai Tai sunfish sail

Mai Tai

Mojito sunfish sail


Red and White Sunfish sail

Classic Red and White – NEW for 2016!

Blue Lagoon sunfish sail

Blue Lagoon – NEW for 2016! Perhaps a nod to a movie released in July of 1980?


Sunfish: Sailing’s Most Popular Dinghy. Ever.