Sunfish Wood Blades Upgraded for 2016


Huge Hit!

LaserPerformance reintroduced mahogany daggerboards and rudders for their recreational Sunfish in 2014. They are a huge hit, and we have sold countless boats with these Sunfish wood blades.

Even Better for 2016

For 2016 the classic mahogany blades will be even better. Sapele Mahogany will now be used instead of African Mahogany. This switch creates blades that are even more attractive, more durable, and less prone to water intrusion.

The Beauty of Sapele

Not just for the beauty, but a main reason for the switch is because of the darker natural color and tighter grain of Sapele. The varnished Sapele looks darker and more rich. This year’s blades really pop against the white fiberglass.

The Science Behind Sapele Switch

The greatest benefit of the switch is a wood that is much harder. Sapele has a hardness of 1,410 lbf (6,280 N) on the Janka Hardness Test compared to 1,070 lbf (4,760 N) for African Mahogany. For comparison sake White Oak is  1,350 lbf (5,990 N) while Eastern White Pine has a hardness of 380 lbf (1,690 N).

So there you have it. This year’s Sunfish wood blades will be better looking with harder surfaces and edges!

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Our 2014 video comparing the Mahogany and GRP blades: