Sunfish Trade-In 2015

Shoreline Sailboats’ 2015 Sunfish Trade-In Offer!

Imagine yourself in a brand new Sunfish this summer!

For many, one of the hurdles to owning a new Sunfish is that you already own one.
Your Sunfish may have served your family for a couple of generations, and maybe you would like to start again with a new one for the kids or try racing at the local club. However tired, waterlogged, and unloved it may be, it is still all yours. The idea of getting it out on the water just sounds like work.Sunfish trade in 2015

Old Sunfish can be heavy.
The weight of a new Sunfish is 129 lbs. If your old Sunfish has had any leaks it may be 100 lbs. heavier or more! We have tried to carry some of the heavier Sunfish that we have found and they are not fun. Liquid water is not the problem with the styrene foam blocks that have been traditionally used in Sunfish. The actual culprit is water vapor. As the hull is heated from the sun, the water turns into a gaseous state that can migrate into the styrene and saturate it to its full capacity. It replaces any air in the foam. You can grab a handful of saturated styrene and wring water out of it like a sponge. Once the styrene is saturated it requires a lengthy drying out process.

Email or give us a call.
It is hard to think about buying new when you already have that old Sunfish leaning against the side of the garage, and Shoreline Sailboats would like to help. Contact us ( or 585-754-5315) and we will be happy to take a look at your boat and give you an offer for the trade-in value of your Sunfish. We can, in some cases, do better than market value for your boat.

Check out our 2015 Sunfish pricing at:  Sunfish Racing/Performance Pricing and Sunfish Recreational Mahogany Blade Pricing

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