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2015 Sunfish Colors for Deck and Sail

Sunfish Recreational:

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Sunfish Race Version:

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Wow! The beautiful deck colors for 2015 Sunfish will remain the same as the 2014 boats.

In August of 2015, Laser Performance hinted that they will announce a major change to the Sunfish colors. Until then, enjoy the beauty and happiness of these colors that harken back to summers with our favorite gum – Fruit Stripe.



Sunfish colors 2014

Deck Colors for 2015


Coincidentally, all the Sunfish colors for sail choices for 2015 are all named for summer cocktails:

Check out the  beautiful assortment of sail colors below in addition to the white racing sail.
Not sure where the sail name comes from? Here are links Mojito, Colada, Mai Tai, and Sea Breeze

A number of discontinued 2014 Sunfish colors for sails remain in stock at Laser Performance.
Check with Shoreline Sailboats if interested in other sail color options.
Shoreline’s 2015 Sunfish price remains at $3,990 (plus tax and delivery). Link to our Sunfish Page

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Mai Tai


Sea Breeze









Helpful Sunfish Rigging Guides compiled by our friend Thad at my2fish

Thad writes:
If we ignore some of the additional ways to adjust a race-rigged sail
there are two key adjustment points available for the lateen-style Sunfish sail: the position of the gooseneck and the location of the halyard knot on the upper boom.

A common suggestion is the tie the halyard between the 9th and 10th sail clips
(start counting up from the tack of the sail, where the two booms connect together), but this is really just a starting point, that should be adjusted as you become familiar with how your Sunfish sails. over time you will learn to adjust the location depending on the weather and the strength of the wind.  the Sunfish Tuning Guide for Racers has specific suggestions for various wind conditions.

Thad’s Picks from his  blog for Sunfish sailors:

  • Sunfish Rigging Manual (.pdf file) – this is the current version from Laser Performance. it has good pictures and shows how to set up the sailboat for both the recreational and race-style Sunfish.
  • Sunfish Tuning Guide for Racers (.pdf file) – by Scott Kyle. this guide is geared towards racers, it is very thorough, and will help even the recreational sailor begin to understand how adjusting how the sail is rigged will effect how the Sunfish handles out on the water.  as you gain more experience, you can start to experiment with some of his other suggestions to fine-tune your sailing skills
  • Sunfish Racing Sail Bending on and Tuning Guide – by Daniel Feldman/Wind Line Sails (this one is also more specific to the race-style sail) the “how-to” section on Wind Line Sails is also a great place to look for tips on inspection ports, fixing loose foam blocks, etc.
  • Starboard Passage, put together by Eduardo Cordero & Paul-Jon Patin: there is information highlighting some of the ways to rig the sailboat more for racing (outhaul & cunningham adjustment, boom vang, etc.), but don’t be discouraged by all those extra lines if you only want to sail for recreation – it really is quite easy to rig up a Sunfish and get it out on the water!
  • if you’re not a member yet, head over to the Yahoo Group – Sunfish Sailor and join the group today.  the file database there is loaded with even more rigging information, including historic rigging manuals, tips for rigging older Sunfish, book & video suggestions for learning to sail, and a whole wealth of additional information related to Sunfish and other Sunfish-style sailboats (“clones”).