Sunfish gooseneck assembly

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shoreline_sunfish_gooseneck shoreline-goose-neckThe gooseneck is recognized as one of the most important variables for optimizing the upwind speed and pointing in all wind conditions. The gooseneck should be moved fore and aft as the wind changes velocity in order to neutralize the helm and place the center effort of the sail over the daggerboard. With a permanent black marking pen , mark a range from 17 to 23 inches at one-inch intervals along the boom, measuring from the apex of the spas. These lines represent your seven-inch within you will set your gooseneck. In general the lighter the wind and the flatter the water the farther forward the gooseneck position should be. Recommend strongly that you invest in an adjustable gooseneck in order to facilitate a rapid change in adjustment as the conditions dictate. Ultimately under all wind conditions you want a balances or neutral helm.
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Product to consider is the quick adjustment pictured below:


Quick adjust – click image for link


Wind Strength Gooseneck
(knots) Setting (inches)
Under 05 17 – 18
05 – 08 18 – 19
08 – 12 19 – 20
12 – 15 20 – 21
15 – 20 21 – 22
20 – 25 22 – 23
25 & over Jens Rig 20 – 21


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