Melges 14

Melges Adds European M14 Builder

Melges 14 Adds European Builder

Establishing a world-renown builder in Portugal

Melges Performance Sailboats proudly announces a new Melges 14 build partnership with Nelo, the world’s largest supplier of kayaks and rowing shells. “We are thrilled to partner with Nelo,” said Harry Melges III, “High demand for the Melges 14 in Europe paired with Nelo’s expertise in high quality epoxy construction makes them a great fit to build the Melges 14.”
Based in Porto, Portugal, Nelo is in a prime location to supply the European market easily and efficiently. Coupled with continued production out of Melges’s Zenda, Wisconsin factory, this gives the Melges 14 Class worldwide builder and product support. “Melges and the M14 DNA is a great match with Nelo’s line of performance and high-end racing products,” said Nelo’s Manual Ramos, “To have the chance to be part of such a project is a great honor and responsibility, and we are sure the synergies between both will benefit the European market.”
Melges has partnered with dealers across Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Central America. In combination with Nelo’s steady supply of high quality boats at a competitive retail price, these new partnerships will expand the worldwide growth that the Melges 14 has experienced.
“We are very excited for what the future holds,” said Federico Michetti, CEO of Melges Europe, “The Melges 14 is a modern, fast and exciting platform that is perfect for the European market. It is quite simply the best single hander on the market.”

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