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(Sold) Escape Expedition w/trailer/dolly

So, what is it?picescapeexpedition145100a

Well, the Escape Expedition is a hybrid. What you are looking at is a Laser II hull with modifications made by Peter Johnstone of J/Boats and Gunboat fame. During the 90s, Peter sold off most of the Sunfish-Laser designs to Vanguard sailboats. The Laser and Sunfish went to Vanguard, now known as Laser Performance, of Rhode Island. He retained the rights to duplicate the Laser 2 hull form under a different name. This became one of the early Escape models in 97, the Expedition 14.5. Essentially a Laser II hull with the Gary Hoyt, Smart Rig.

LOA  14 ft. 6 in. 
Beam  4 ft. 8 in. 
Hull weight 168 lb

Why modify a Laser 2?

Peter Johnstone wanted to develop sailboats that allow easy access to all level of sailing abilities. The Escape Expedition was created as an entry-level sailing dinghy with a very simple rig, designed by Gary Hoyt, designer of Freedom Yachts.

Why is it easier to sail than a Laser 2?

ExpeditionThe hull is basically the same. It’s all in the simple beauty of the Gary Hoyt rig. It can be quickly furled around the mast to reduce sail. Or, the sail can be stowed completely around the mast when docking or coming to shore. The mechanism to furl the mast is very much like a roller furler found on jibs of other boats.  The high boom gives plenty of headroom in the cockpit when tacking; making it an excellent boat for sailors of all ages.


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