O'Pen Bic

O’pen Bic Rental at Shoreline

Our first shipment of O’pen Bic sailboats has one for rent and demo.

We want to allow kids to try the O’pen Bic, and the best way is to get it to kids who sail.

Why rent the O’pen Bic?

  • fast planing hull design that’s made to heel like a big boatO'pen Bic
  • looks and feels like an adult sailboat
  • capsizing is fun with its open stern, self bailing design
  • it just looks and feels cool!
  • setup takes about 2 minutes (see video below)
  • Ronstan Cunningham pulleys
  • Ronstan mainsheet ratchet block
  • Robline lines
  • fully-battened North 4,5m2 mono-film sail
  • sail with an open leech design for control on windy days
  • optimum sailor weight is 60-130 lbs
  • two kids can sail it together if combined weight us under 200 lbs
  • did we mention that it really looks and feels cool?!

How to rent sailboats from Shoreline:

  • See the sailboats we have for rent in our drop-down menu at the top of this page.
  • Just check to see if the dates you want to rent are available
  • Contact us at the bottom of the rental page or here
  • To hold the date we ask for 50% of the rental cost
  • Payment can be made by mailed check or we can bill your credit card by email from PayPal

Have an awesome summer with an O’pen Bic rental!

How fast can you rig an O’pen Bic?  Watch and see…