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Optimist Dolly Innovation by Dynamic

New from Dynamic Dollies!
 Optimist Dolly – $350

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The age-old dilemma:
For parents and young owners of an Optimist dinghy the dilemma has always been that dollies are the perfect way to move the boat around, but after sitting out in the open for several days the Opti becomes an algae filled bucket for rain water.

The solution:
Ben and Chris at Dynamic Dollies have come up with a way to remedy that problem – an Optimist dolly that can accept an Opti right-side up or upside down!

Dynamic‘s Optimist dolly new features: 
— Double function axle fitting that perfectly supports the Optimist both right-side up and upside down.
— Handle fitting specifically designed for the Optimist.

Available April 2015.
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Dynamic Opti Dolly


Optimist Dynamic dolly 2