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Hyde Laser Sail: Special Group Pricing Offer

Shoreline Sailboats is offering a group discount on new Hyde’s full-rig folded Laser sails. Find out how you can take advantage of this special offer.


District 9 Laser sailors in Western New York:

If your Laser could use a crisp new race sail for 2015, you may want to take part in a group discount purchase. A local Laser sailor contacted Shoreline Sailboats about offering a group discount and we want to help spread the word.

How much will I save?

Bringing more people onboard with this group purchase will provide better discounts for all. We won’t know the total discount until we know how many people are interested, but we will happily share the specific details without obligation when you inquire.

See our regular price pages:

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Contact us for details

Use the contact form below to find out more information. We will keep you informed as the total number of participants grows and as the discount increases.