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The world’s most popular adult racing class.

Every Laser in the world is identical. The strict one-design class rules ensure this remains true, making it the sailor that wins the race, not the boat. The Laser is a challenging boat that rewards athleticism, subtle steering and trimming techniques, as well as tactical excellence. It is a singlehanded Olympic class boat, also sailed at club, national and international levels.

Get Ready to Race

Laser racing is nothing less than one-design competition in its purest form. The Laser boasts a long list of veterans who are Olympic Medalists, America’s Cup Helmsman, and Collegiate All-Americans. Laser racing provides competitors the opportunity to race against sailors at the national level and emphasizes the skills necessary for anyone who aspires to reach this level. It’s no wonder the International Sailing Federation awarded the Laser Olympic status!


Laser sailing is an investment in skills that will last a lifetime, skills that apply to any boat. Laser sailors have access to a community of sailors from around the world who love to race. One Laser sailor in Honolulu recently recorded the first Laser speed record at 16.8 knots, or 28 feet per second. When you are ready to race, get into a Laser.

The International Laser Class hosts more events in more nations than any other one-design class in the world. In North America alone there are more than a thousand events each year. Whether you choose to race in local club events or international championships there is an event for everyone. The International Laser Class magazine, Laser World and the North American class magazine Laser Sailor will always keep you up-to-date on future events, results, and tips to improve your Laser sailing.

The International Laser Class Association runs a circuit of Masters events for Laser sailors over 35 years of age. The Masters circuit culminates in the Laser Masters World Championship which is held annually. The Laser Masters racing circuit is the largest and most heavily attended masters racing group of any one-design class in the world.


Lasers are available with one of two options, the Race package and the XD package.

Laser Race: Allen upgrade powerpack, Allen upgraded vang, gorilla tiller with 42” extension, 60 mm Allen ratchet block, padded hiking strap, rolled sail, upgraded line package, GRP foils with upgraded rudder bolt.

Laser XD: XD Harken vang , XD Harken powerpack, XD Carbon tiller, XD Carbon tiller extension, XD padded hiking strap, Harken 57 mm ratchet block, upgraded vectran line package, GRP foils with upgraded rudder bolt.


The Laser has a Vela gray hull with a Vela gray deck.