New Sunfish Memoir Recounts Misadventure of a Lifetime

This seems like a fantastic premiss for a story about a guy and his sunfish.

It’s a story that would definitely speak to the flower-child generation. It seems rife with free spirit as can be read in the excerpts page (excerpts from “This Book is Drunk”). This story might be corroborated by Will White’s, The Sunfish Book, that may state that in 1977, a guy by the name of James Lee Meadows sailed from Florida to Boston. He took his time staying for weeks at a time at certain spots on shore along the way. I have not read the book myself, so I’m not certain of this secondary evidence.

The book:
On the first day of April, 1977, James Lee Meadows embarked on one of the wildest, totally outrageous adventures of a lifetime when he sailed out from Miami Beach on a tiny Sunfish sailboat, with an unlikely destination of Boston. As a literary road-kid hippie musician, James spent 110 days cruising along the east coast – stopping for days at a time partying with the coastline locals.

In Atlantic City he was joined by his longtime road-tripping friend/photographer, Jeremy, and their voyage to Boston was a comedy that Cheech and Chong – and every surviving member of the Woodstock Generation – would truly appreciate. After 35 years, here is his insane oceanic story!

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About James Lee Meadows:

James Lee Meadows was born and raised in the historic town of Concord, Massachusetts. A gifted musician from childhood, he played lead guitar in a rock band throughout his high school years, and during the 1967 hippie summer of love, his group moved to Boston and played professionally while he attended Shaw Prep. Excerpt from the book webpage: