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The Laser Radial is generally sailed and raced by lighter weight sailors. The only difference between the
Laser Standard and Laser Radial is the size of the sail Shoreline laser radial 1and the length of the lower section of the mast. Everything else is the same and very tightly specified and controlled by the International Class Association. The desired weight for sailing a Radial is 130–140 lb (60–65 kilograms).

The Laser Radial uses the same top section of the mast as the Laser Standard but uses a smaller bottom mast section. The sail itself is 62 square feet (5.8 m2), about 19% smaller than the full Laser Standard rig. The Radial sail and mast was created in the 1980s. In 1988 the Laser Women’s World Championship began using the Laser Radial. They are a good training aid to start learning to sail a Laser but the Laser Radial is a good racing boat in its own right and some sailors progress to become professional Radial sailors.

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The video below shows women’s sailor Maria Vlachou, sailing near Athens on a Saturday morning on the Laser Radial.





alas from Νefeli Ζed on Vimeo.



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