Laser 4.7 Race – Upgrade Option


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Laser 4.7 race
The “Race” option is available for when purchasing your Laser 4.7. A few of the items are pictured below:

  • Allen upgrade powerpack, Allen upgraded vang
  • Gorilla tiller with 42” extension
  • 60 mm Allen ratchet block
  • padded hiking strap, rolled sail
  • Upgraded line package
  • GRP foils with upgraded rudder bolt.

These items will add $340.00 to the cost of the Laser 4.7

Pictured is the Holt Allen vang provides power and efficiency for sailors of any size by providing a 15:1 mechanical advantage for effortless use and release – this vang setup runs smooth, every time. Cascade line is 3/32″ Spectra & the cleated line is 3/16″. For easy on/off try a quick pin for the attachment at the mast.

Holt Allen Laser Upgrade

Holt Allen Laser Upgrade

Allen ratchet block 60mm

60mm Holt Allen Ratcheting Block


gorilla extension laser

The gorilla tiller is equipped with a 42″ extension.



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