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If you can ride a bike, you can sail a Funboat.

Now sailing is for everyone who wants to enjoy playing on the water. This is truly leisure sailing at its best.

For millions of people, the Funboat is their first introduction to sailing, often when they are on vacation at worldwide resorts.

The Funboat is durable, stable, easy to rig, and easy to sail. No centerboard means no hassle in leaving and returning to the beach; it’s easy to get in, push off and sail away.


Boom: The high boom creates lots of room underneath so sailors don’t bump their head.

Centerboard: Most small boats have a centerboard that needs to be lowered when going afloat, and raised when coming back. The Funboat’s unique shape means there’s no need for a centerboard, which also eliminates clutter in the cockpit. It also means there is no hassle in leaving and returning to the beach.


The Funboat has a yellow hull with a pink and yellow sail.


Tecrothene A122: Tough and durable, a materials technology breakthrough.

Tecrothene A122 is a new generation Metalocene that provides high structural uniformity and consistency, immense stiffness and exceptional impact strength. A linear high density UV stabilized compound molded into a stress-free homogeneous single skin molding that is:

  • Exceptionally strong
  • Superbly stiff
  • Easy to repair
  • Highly resistant to scratching/impact damage
  • Durable, stable, easy to rig, easy to sail




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