(Sold) MFG Pintail 14′ Sailboat $350 

1980’s MFG Pintail 14′ – “Lilly” $350 -Sold
Ready to sail


Length 14’0″ Beam 6’0″
Draft with board down 3’9″ Draft with the board up 9″
Sail area, main & jib 135 square feet
Mast height from the keel to masthead 23 feet
Weight is approximately 350 lbs.

Pintail is a family boat:

The Pintail 14′ can serve a family as a trainer, but is a sporting boat in some breeze (see video below). When the breeze is gentle, the seating is comfortable for four adults with with plenty of leg room.

Easy to rig:

Her simple rigging procedure is easily mastered by one person. The kick up centerboard has a simple pennant and cleat that works fast and easy with no daggerboard to get stuck. Also, the rudder has the same type pennant and cleat. Both the rudder and centerboard is adjustable for shallow water landings and launchings.


The hull is cored fiberglass and extra reinforcement at all stress points. The centerboard is galvanized steel with an aluminum rudder blade on a rugged cast aluminum rudder stock. The gudgeon plate has 1/2 inch pintles.

Where did the Pintail come from?MFG Molded Fiberglass Company 1969

The Pintail was designed by, navel architect, F. S. Ford Jr. of Grosse Pointe, Michigan in 1967. Ford had established himself as a designer of luxury powerboats and sailboats before the Pintail was drawn. The Pintail was named after the Northern Pintail duck.

Built by MFG:

The Molded Fiber Glass Boat Company (MFG) of Union City, Pennsylvania, A division of MFC (Molded Fiberglass Corporation), the original contractor for the fiberglass body of the Chevrolet Corvette, began producing a line of sailboats in 1969 that included four of F.S. Ford Jr.’s designs, Ford 20, Readhead, Whistler, and Pintail. MFG had been producing fiberglass powerboat since 1951, and were early leaders in the fiberglass industry.

How many Pintails?

Information points to the production years running from 1967 to perhaps the mid 198os. Sailboat Data website put the production number at 1,800. We’re not sure how they derive their number.