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Built for family fun

The Laser Pico is a fun, durable, confidence-inspiring, rotomolded boat that can be sailed by everyone. It’s ideal for entry-level sailors and is equipped with a removable jib and reefing main sail for easy rigging.

Laser Pico Race

LAP_pico_zps8658d179The Laser Pico Race is an upgraded version of the Laser Pico sailboat. The Race version features a larger Mylar mainsail, a vang with 4:1 purchase and upgraded blocks, a low-stretch twist resistant mainsheet, which facilitates rapid easing of sails for smooth mark roundings, and a ratcheting mainsheet block.


  • So easy to handle. Beginners who have only sailed for a few hours can sail the Laser Pico single-handed in a big breeze.
  • The biggest small boat around. The Laser Pico is a combination of a spacious self-draining cockpit and a high boom. There is plenty of room aboard for several children or a couple of adults.
  • Offering so much and asking so little in return. Families are pretty demanding! The Laser Pico is built to take those demands in stride, year in and year out. This boat is tough, requires virtually no maintenance, and is ready for action in only minutes.


Laser Pico

  • Removable jib and reefing main sail for easy rigging
  • Lifting rudder

Laser Pico Race

  • Larger sail
  • Padded toestraps
  • Includes kicker with 4:1 purchase system and low friction race blocks
  • Twist resistant mainsheet with less stretch and mainsheet ratchet race block


The Laser Pico will have a gray hull with a white and blue sail.




Rigging a Laser Pico


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