UFO Foiler

UFO Foiler Update

The new UFO Foiler by Fulcrum Speedworks does not just have Shoreline Sailboats pumped up. The sailing community at-large is buzzing about the potential for this new breakthrough design.

Production Update

Hull #1 is being completed at present. Shoreline Sailboat’s hull #25 is projected to be in our hands in June and the last pre-ordered boat will be done in late July.

Finding Out More

With each day comes new information about the development and production of the boat. 

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A Behind the Scenes Look

For a definitive look at the effort that went into making the UFO a reality, this is a must read:
“The People’s Foiler: A Design Brief on the Foiling Catamaran” from Professional Boatbuilder Magazine.

Dave Clark UFO Designer

Dave Clark

An excerpt: Dave Clark’s conversation with his friend Bill.

“Dad and I have been kicking around the idea of using a set of decent hydrofoils to get a simple, cheap boat to really perform without any of the pain, hassle, and expense we’ve all become accustomed to as the price of admission for foiling under sail. I can’t get it out of my head. Dad’s certain it’s possible to build, and I’m convinced people would like it.”

I go on for a bit, describing the basic concept work we’ve done to date. Bill cuts in, his voice suddenly hard and assertive.

“Do it!”

“You think so?”

“Do it. Test it under cover of darkness. Tell nobody. Don’t sit on it. You’ll never forgive yourselves if 10 years down the line you see somebody else make it something more than a drawing.”

And we did it.

Read more here: The People’s Foiler: A Design Brief on the Foiling Catamaran

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