Sailboat Racing Terms – Survey

It seems like if you can sailSurvey
You could hop on anyone’s sailboat and understand what they are saying, right? Well, there is some terminology that may seem a bit colloquial.

Ten question survey
S0, I picked ten words or phrases that seem pretty user friendly. Honestly, I hadn’t heard of all of them, but maybe most people who sail have.

So, a sailboat racing terms survey
Let us know if these are terms you know, and if you know them do you actually use them while out on the race course.

The survey link: 

Results as they come in:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-P88LLVFV/


And if you can’t get enough sailboat racing terms
Check out Sailorspeak: The Complete Insider’s Guide to Yacht Racing Terms, Jargon & Slang by Bob Roitblat


You can find an interview with Bob Roitblat at Dock Talk

Excerpt from Dock Talk blogspot:

“SAILORSPEAK” a new book by Bob Roitblat does a good job of summarizing some of the commonly used terms into one easy reference book. Bob has been racing in the Beneteau First 36.7 fleet aboard Steve Pelke’s “Stingray” and has recently undertaken being an author.  “SS” is his first entry into being a writer.”