Hull Repair

Sunfish Hull Repair – Shoreline Method

keel repair old way

Keel repair – old method

One of our customers wanted us to repair damage that was done to his Sunfish hull during a storm on Lake Ontario. Looking at videos we found that many people cut out the damage on a keel area and replace it with newly laid fiberglass. If the keel was completely worn away we might be forced to choose this method, but many times all that will be needed is a long crack repair.

In this video we demonstrate our Shoreline method that requires less removal of original material. The method also requires the installation of fiberglass battens as backer cleats to support the newly repaired section. With our method we will be able to maintain the original profile of the hull more successfully than tying to rebuild a section that has been cut away.

This video shows our experiment used on a very small area of damage on a keel We will post the next video showing a much more substantial crack, and how our batten method was applied.

low res keel repair

Batten method – a more surgical technique